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  But sooner or later the unsavoury situation will arise again, maybe in a new form, from a new direction, because it is not really resolved; you have simply covered it up. You are befooling nobody except yourself.Here, take an Osho tip: Pour your energies into creative outlets and problems disappear like dewdrops in the morning sun. It is good to remember that life goes on resolving all that needs to be resolved; you need not come in the way. Then life is really a benediction, a pure benediction. One goes from one peak to another peak; one is always moving to a higher and higher plane. And the moment you move from one plane to another Wholesale digital flow meter Factory higher plane, all the problems that belong to the first plane simply disappear, become irrelevant. If you remain stuck on the same plane you cannot solve them. Try it — and you will be surprised that there was no need to tackle any problem directly. The way is indirect.

  Creating a lyrical synergy between music and art, Radhika Surana, a Delhi-based classical singer and visual artist will be presenting a solo show of charcoal drawings and pencil sketches titled, Search for Rhythm at the Triveni Gallery. The innate simplicity and flowing, singular lines embodied in the artwork draw a parallel between music and visual art. "As a practicing artist who is also a Hindustani classical vocalist, the idea of rhythm helps me draw parallels between these two forms of art. The flow of line on a sheet of white paper resembles the flow of notes in music. The use of texture and tonality in the drawing is similar to that of modulation of the voice while singing notes in music," says Surana, who believes that the idea of rhythm is inherent in the two forms of art.

  And I was able to strengthen my grasp on the use of colour, form, and composition."Radhika SuranaThe themes for her paintings have mostly centered around nature, divine deities and music. "Most of my work has been in transparent watercolour and acrylics. I prefer these mediums because of their expressiveness. But then, I felt the need to display the power of the simple line on paper. The deeper I am going into music and painting, the more I want to simplify my work. The rhythm that I feel in music, I am now attempting to translate it into my art through the use of line. Sketching is like riyaaz for me," says Surana, who finds it challenging to display within one swift movement of the line the intensity and the feel of the subject. "It’s a constant process of trying and failing and trying again," she says.

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